The Email Laundry makes email safe with employee phishing training.

Email security company launches a Phishing User Training service to simulate attacks on companies

Phish - @theemaillaundry launches a phishing awareness training service to stop users clicking on malicious links in email #infosec #phishing #emailsecurity

Dublin, London and Pennsylvania - It's a long standing problem that employees click on links in malicious emails and put the company's entire security at risk. Phishing emails always seem to slip through the net and how can a company deal with that?

Sending simulated phishing emails to employees which will bring them to a training page if they follow the link is the ideal scenario. Teach them at the moment when its the most relevant. That is what The Email Laundry's new service does for customers.

Styling and specifications

Phishing emails will be customized to suit the company in question and the training pages can also be completely branded. Case Studies have shown the service to be very successful at changing users behavior towards Phishing emails and social engineering in general.

Pricing and availability
The service is intended for larger organizations and can be bought as once off tests to evaluate the extent of the problem, or as an ongoing training program to protect the company

“Originally we began evaluating email security awareness. What became apparent very quickly was that many users needed this training and The Email Laundry solution allowed them to be trained at the crucial moment when they clicked on a link in the email. The feedback the system provides is excellent,it will enable us to target training on staff who aren’t getting the message, saving time and money”„  Gary Bennett, ICT Research and Development Manager, Gedling Borough Council.

Industry information

Information Security Training


Phishing is a method of social engineering where the perpetrator tries to get the recipient of an email to take an action, either click on a link or open an attachment. The result is inevitably costly for the recipients company. The cost of cleaning up malware infections or data breaches is now a large part of every company's costs, but not always budgeted for.

Catch the problem early

The one element that cannot be solved with technology is user behavior. In order to reduce the risk training and simulated Phishing attacks alert users to the dangers.

About The Email Laundry

Used by public and private sector organisations around the world, The Email Laundry makes email safe.